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Carli Freeman is the co-author of The Mystery Ryders, a children’s mystery series that began in 2009 as a homeschool project. Carli’s first three books were in print by the time she was 11, and she currently has eight book titles to her name. She enjoys making author visits to schools and bookstores to share her love of reading (and writing).

Carli loves storytelling in its many different forms, including songwriting and screenwriting. She is a composer-lyricist for musical theatre, and her musical The Shakespeare Company was workshopped and performed at Fordham Lincoln Center in Spring 2019.

A native of Nashville, Tennessee, Carli graduated from Fordham University in New York City in 2021. She studied television, mathematics, and theology as a National Merit Scholar. Currently, Carli works as a contract specialist in Brooklyn, NY.



Basically, she’s a nerd in many, many ares.