Carli is the co-author of The Mystery Ryders books, a children’s mystery series she co-writes with her father, Criswell Freeman. The series follows May Ryder, a homeschooled, 12-year-old detective who travels across the country in her family’s private train car, solving mysteries along the way. Currently, there are eight books in the series, including The Mystery of the Disappearing Dogs, The Scrambled Ski Lodge, and The Duckmaster Disaster.

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Mystery Ryders Series

Carli co-writes The Mystery Ryders, a series with eight books — and counting.

Mystery of the Disappearing Dogs

When May Ryder arrives in Palo Alto, California, she discovers dozens of dogs have been stolen. Can May solve the crime before her family’s train leaves the station … literally?

The Scrambled Ski Lodge

When May and Hut Ryder arrive at a snowy ski lodge, they find a mysterious troublemaker is pulling plenty of pranks. Can this tangled tale be unscrambled before May and Hut have to board their train for home?

The Duckmaster Disaster

At the Downtown Drake Hotel, a daily duck parade is the main attraction. But, when the hotel’s most famous duck goes missing, it’s up to the Ryder kids to sovle the crime.

The Mystery of the Missing Mystery

The original manuscript of her dad’s first book is far more valuable than May Ryder first though. The problem is, someobody stole it.


A Piece of the Moon is Missing

When somebody swipes a valuable moon rock from an observatory in Oshkosh, May Ryder wants to help. But, can a 12-year-old girl figure out a mystery that’s really “out of this world?”

Caboose on the Loose

On the way to a fancy train convention, an antique caboose is stollen right off the railroad. Can the Ryders help get it back?

Trouble on the TV Train

All aboard for a traveling TV show! When a big TV star asks to borrow the Ryder family’s train to go to New York City, Jonathan Ryder says yes. But the trip soon goes off the rails!

The Birthday Bandit

Somebody in Spring Valley is ruining birthday parties, but the bandit has the police totally stumped. Can the Ryder kids catch the real crook before more birthday bashes get bashed?